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Buy local organic whenever possible.  Let's support our local farmers!



Vote with your wallet

Select organic, non-GMO produce from the local grocers.  The more the demand, the more the supply.  Simple.


Welcome to Ki to Well-being

There is no one-fits-all "diet" because there are many body types and blood types which require different types of "fuel" to thrive.


We all know we should drink more water and eat more vegetables; however, our well-being is so much more than what we eat.  My goal is not only to educate others in making better food choices, but to share what I have learned & continue to learn about becoming more physically, emotionally and spiritually balanced.  


I am excited to relay information about food choices, help others protect their health from environmental offenders, and share tools for making positive changes that improve well-being.


Please use my website to find information on services such as Angel Card Readings, Energy Work, Health Coaching, Auricular Acupuncture, healthy recipes and the latest blog articles.


I looking forward to working with you.






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