Ki to Well-being
Ki to Well-being


Ki to Well-being provides hands-on and remote Reiki sessions.  


Experience includes hands-on and remote.  Member of The Monroe Institute Dolphin Healing Club working remotly in response to global requests for energy healing.


Reiki level 1, 2 and 3 in-person classes available.  Please contact for more information.

Health Coaching

Spiritual Counseling

Angel Card Readings

Ki to Well-being provides in person, phone or Skype health coaching sessions available in 3 or 6 month programs.


Handmade orgonite pieces - round, heart shaped, special Rose Quartz Hearts and mini squares.  Each piece is made with great care and Reiki infused.  


Also available.... Fitbit jewelry.  


Take a look at our store gallery to view items available for purchase.

Fitbit jewelry - $7 each piece plus minimal shipping and handling
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