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Dee Becker

Energy Practitioner & Teacher

Certified Holistic Health Coach

Spiritual Counselor / Angel Card Reader

ADS - AcuDetox Specialist


My Journey

Experimenting with various failed "diets" and dealing with weight changes, autoimmune issues and chronic disease over the years led me  to research natural ways to be heathier.

With the training I received from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the guidance of my naturopathic physicians, chiropractor, and my own extensive research about organic food and supplements, I am now in a place of improved health.

After a serious health scare in the spring of 2013, I worked at restoring my immune system with a diet of 80% to 90% raw food.  In addition, by making some minor lifestyle changes, I also reduced my weight, reversed chronic disease and regained energy.  As a means to reverse chronic health issies, I believe a vegan diet is appropriate for a duration of time.  

It is very important to rely on intuition at the grocery store.  The human body craves what it needs, whether it's fruits & vegetables, chocolate or red meat (preferably organically sourced).  One diet certainly does not fit all and must be modified as needed to maintain vitality.  Personally, I do consume meat if it is organically sourced.

I have studied alternative healing modalities, especially energy work for many years.  During the mid 1990's I was trained and licensed in Therapeutic Massage.  Concurrently, I began studying Reiki, finally pursuing Reiki Master & Teacher certifications in 2012.  This work is done both hands-on and remotely.  More recently, I also studied a energy healing modality taught by Dr. Gene Ang.

During 2002 I became certified in therapeutic hypnosis.

As an ADS (AcuDetox Specialist) certified through the NADA - National Association of Detoxification Acupuncture, I offer auricular acupuncture as a wonderful adjunct to holistic healing modalities.

As a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in September of 2013, I was trained in more than one hundred dietary theories and studied a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods. 

I believe we should always continue learning, never let the mind stagnate.  My current research and study topics include:  

Universal Class, Inc. – IACET Accredited

  • Angel Healing (.5 CEU) – June, 2017 
  • Angels 101:  History, Religion, Spiritualism & You (.7 CEU) – June, 2017
  • Crystal Therapy (.7 CEU) – June, 2017
  • Spiritual Counseling 101 (.8 CEU) – July, 2017
  • Astrology 101 (.5 CEU) – July, 2017
  • Auras-Viewing, Identifying & Understanding (.7 CEU) -  September, 2017
  • Tarot Cards 101 (.5 CEU) - October, 2017
  • Chakra Clearing (1.1 CEU) - December, 2017
  • Currently studying Homeopathy 101 Certification course


I also study the German language; the effects of EMF and toxic heavy metals; learning new styles of energy work and EFT Tapping.

Last but certainly not least, an absolutely essential element of health is finding emotional, mental  and spiritual balance.  In the fall of 2015, I extracted myself from the corporate world to learn balance, peace and finding inner joy & gratitude.  I am happy to share effective methods which helped me transform my inner landscape in order live more joyfully and see the world from a different perspective.

Some of the methods I use for relaxation, focus and inspiration are:

  • Energy work
  • ​Yoga / Body Flex Workout
  • Meditation (especially brain synchronization)
  • Crystals
  • Orgonite (and making my own Orgone)
  • Zen Doodling / Zen Tangle / intricate design coloring books

If you are curious about how energy work, spiritual or health coaching can help you, then let’s talk. E-mail me today:

Cheers to your health!




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